All the hotel rooms are treated with OZONCLEAN.

OZONCLEAN is an innovative hygienic system that sanitises the environment through an oxidisation process that eliminates germs, bacteria, spores, pollen and mould, vapours and chemical fumes.

OZONCLEAN is a new ozone generator that completely deactivates microorganisms and eliminates toxic and harmful residue. The reduction of germs and bacteria has a further positiv effect, which is to deodorise the environment through rapidly neutralising annoying and unpleasant odours of various kinds.

It is used, above all, for its ability to sterilise the air, water, surfaces in general and for the preservative disinfection of foodstuffs.

OZONCLEAN improves the chemical composition, bacterial activity and odour quality of the air in the environments treated.

Aftertreatment the ozone retransforms into oxygen, leaving no residue.Ozone has been recognised by the Ministry of Health (protocol n° 24482 of 31/07/1996) as ” a naturaldefence for sterilising environments contaminated by bacteria, viruses, spores, mould and/or infested by mites, spiders and insects”.